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General Gobuzz Community Rules

This is an ENGLISH forum. We have a friendly and respectful tone. Aggressive, abusive, violent, radical, racist, discriminatory and otherwise offensive comments are not tolerated. They have strictly prohibited in threads and profile posts as well as avatars and signatures. Every user has to follow the forum rules. When you have an unsolvable problem with another user, you can (in exceptional cases) contact a moderator or administrator who will try to help to the best of their ability. Generally, you should be able to clear your differences and disputes alone.

Accounts, Usernames & Avatars:

Every user is allowed to have only one account . Any violation of the forum rules will be punished. We decide, depending on the incident of the punishment given! Usernames and avatars must be chosen in a way they can't be understood in any way to be offensive/racist or violate other good manners. Usernames referring to domains are not allowed.


Make sure your contribution makes sense and fits the topic (explain your opinion). Spontaneous emotional outbursts often seem confusing. Because of that, think first, then write, read it again and then respond. Any kind of spam is prohibited.

Creating Topics (Posts/Questions)

We have two types of forum formats (Main forum & Question forum). All topics that have to do with Questions and/or Answers should be posted in Question & Answer forum. Create your topic in the matching forum. Avoid creating several topics in different sections.

Choose a descriptive and meaningful title. Describe your request as accurately as possible. Avoid pushing topics which are older than 4 weeks (1 month) with unnecessary comments.

Posts with Copyrights & Links

When posting topics about news which have been posted elsewhere, always put the source link, but mind you that we don't tolerate link littering.

Absolutely no Advertising will be allowed on this forum. Do not use the forums to promote your commercial product, service or business. Do not use the forums for personal financial benefit. It will not be tolerated.

Contributing in Topics/Posts

We reserve the right to delete, move or edit any content that does not conform to the rules at any time. This can be done without prior notice to the author.

The forum language is English as stated above. Correct spelling and punctuation are desired. Continuous lowercase is allowed, the excessive use of dialects should be avoided.

Sometimes it's better to open a new topic, than refreshing a very old one.

Gobuzz Team

Decisions made by the team can be non-negotiable. Each team member has the right to close/delete topics or replies that violate the rules or disturb the general peace of the community.

We respectfully ask that you always follow the instructions of the team.

Thanks for your understanding and corporation.

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Gobuzz Team